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MedWise Occupational Health and Travel Health Services

Nurse Led Occupational Health Services

Medwise employ staff and contractor OH Nurses that are qualified, competent and experienced to provide Nurse led medical assessments, either from our Clinic in Naas or from our Customer’s sites.

The OH Nurse led service is more cost effective for employers than OH Physician led services for straightforward, non-complex cases.

An OH Nurse led assessment is appropriate as the first point of an OH intervention.

The OH Nurse can meet the employee, gather the relevant information, get consent, arrange collateral medical evidence, liaise with the employer, co-ordinate physio or counselling or other treatment strategy, report to the safety team, assist with accident investigation, report to the employer, follow up with reviews.

For straightforward cases, the OH Nurse can resolve the majority of referrals herself without the need to refer to the OH Physician.

Complex cases are best referred to the OH Physician.

Cases that require Occupational Health Physician referrals:

  • Medical –Legal cases
  • Cases where a compensation claim has been made or is pending
  • Cases undergoing a disciplinary process
  • Cases with a mental ill-health component

For employers that do not have an in-house OH Department, Medwise can supply an OH Nurse to provide medical assessments on-site, from 5 days a week to 1 day per month. Please see the MedWise Mobile Medicals website for more details.

MedWise provide the training, structure, policies and protocols to enable the OH Nurse to work on your site within their scope of practice and professional competence. Medwise provide clinical supervision and support to the on-site OH Nurses. The MedWise system ensures uniformity, quality and standardization of service.

On-Site OH Nurse led services

  • Sickness Absence medical assessments
  • Occupational Injury medical assessments
  • Rehabilitation programs for return to work
  • Medical Case Management
  • Health Surveillance medical exams
  • Occupational Vaccinations

Click here to download our brochure for Occupational Health Nurse Led Services