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MedWise Occupational Health and Travel Health Services

The Occupational Health Assessment – A Guide for the Employee

What is the purpose of an occupational health assessment?

The purpose of the occupational health assessment is to determine the effects and implications of your health on your work and your work on your health.

Referral for an occupational health assessment

You may be referred to Medwise for an occupational health assessment by your manager, supervisor, Human Resource department or the Health and Safety manager.

The manager will inform you of the reason for the referral. If you have any questions please speak to your manager before the appointment.

You are welcome to bring a letter from your own doctor to the Occupational health doctor. This letter will be filed in your confidential occupational health file.

The common reasons for referral for an occupational health assessment:

  1. To offer you advice and support in relation to a health problem and its relationship to your work.

  2. To assess your fitness to perform your work safely and effectively.

  3. To ensure the health and safety of you and your co-workers.

  4. To comply with legal health and safety requirements, e.g. to ensure that drivers of category 2 vehicles meet the legal fitness standards.

  5. To provide treatment for a work related injury or illness

What happens at the occupational health clinic?

On arrival please check in with the receptionist. You will be requested to provide details of your name, age, address, occupation for the occupational health file.

You will be seen by the Occupational Health Physician who will carry out a medical assessment, which may include a physical examination.

You may also see the Occupational Health Nurse who will carry out any additional investigations such as lung function testing or hearing testing.

The purpose of the assessment will be explained to you and you will be requested to give written consent to undergo the assessment. If you have any concerns please discuss with the occupational health staff.

What if the Occupational Health Physician wants to contact my own doctor?

The Occupational Health Physician may wish to seek further medical details from your treating doctors to clarify a medical diagnosis and obtain information on treatment and prognosis.

Your written consent will be necessary to allow the occupational doctor contact or speak to your own doctors.

What if a further appointment is required?

You will be requested to make a further appointment at reception. Your manager will also be advised of this appointment time.

If you are unwell, the report will outline when you are likely to be fit to resume work.

The report may recommend reasonable adjustments to your workplace or working conditions that would enable you to provide reliable and effective service going forward.

May I see the occupational health report?

Yes, Under GDPR, the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act you have access to the medical report. The employer who commissioned and received the Report is the Data Controller, You must put your request for a copy of the medical report in writing to your HR Department.

What about confidential medical details?

No confidential medical details will be disclosed to your employer or any other third party without your written consent.

What written consent will I be required to give?

  1. Consent to attend for the medical assessment

  2. Consent to allow disclosure of medical details to your employer

  3. Consent to authorise your doctor(s) disclose medical details to the Occupational Health Physician.

Will I be referred for further treatment?

If necessary the Occupational Health Physician will recommend that you receive further treatment. For example, you may be advised to see a physiotherapist or a counsellor.