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MedWise Occupational Health and Travel Health Services

Ear ExamOn-Site Screening Audiometry

The purpose of hearing checks carried out as part of hearing surveillance is to provide early diagnosis of any hearing loss due to noise and to assist in the preservation of hearing of employees.

Hearing surveillance is the use of systematic, regular, appropriate procedures to detect early signs of hearing loss.

Hearing Surveillance is also a measure of the long term effectiveness of noise control measures.

Hearing Surveillance will identify and protect individual / group of workers at increased risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)

MedWise Mobile Medicals provide the complete hearing surveillance service from on-site hearing checks, result analysis, specialist review of results, specialist follow up assessments, site summary report and multi-year trending and reporting.

MedWise Mobile Medicals provide on-site screening audiometry exams in compliance to HSA guidelines on hearing checks and audiometry under the safety, health and welfare at work (general application) regulations 2007

MedWise Mobile Medicals hearing checks are carried out under the supervision of a Specialist Occupational Health Physician, who reviews the abnormal test results and can carry out follow up assessments, if required.

Hearing Check Results and Actions

Category Actions

Category 1 (normal) Acceptable hearing ability

  • Hearing within normal limits for age /gender
  • Routine follow up
  • Repeat surveillance following routine schedule

Category 2 (warning)

Mild hearing impairment

  • Hearing at 20% of population for age /gender
  • Repeat surveillance in 12 months if no previous test history
  • Advise: Hearing protective equipment, reduce noise exposure

Category 3 (referral)

Poor hearing

  • Hearing at 5% of population for age / gender, medical assessment required
  • Determine likely cause of hearing loss
  • Assess fitness for work
  • Refer to GP for non occupational hearing loss
  • Repeat surveillance in 12 months

Category 4 (rapid change) Rapid hearing loss within 3 years

  • Significant change from previous test
  • Medical assessment required
  • Repeat surveillance in 12 months

Category 5 (Unilateral hearing loss)

  • Unilateral loss
  • Medical assessment required
  • Repeat surveillance in 12 months