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MedWise Occupational Health and Travel Health Services

On-Site Health Surveillance

What is Health Surveillance ?

“Health surveillance is putting in place systematic, regular and appropriate procedures to detect early signs of work related ill health and then acting upon the results. The aim is to identify and protect workers at increased risk and to check the long term effectiveness of measures to control risks to health. Employers are obliged to ensure that appropriate health surveillance is made available to employees for whom a risk assessment reveals a risk to their health.” – HSA 2007

Health Surveillance is a part of your company’s health and safety management plan

Your site safety statement will list the priority health hazards in the workplace

A risk assessment will document a careful examination of the risk and what can be done to prevent harm from the hazard.

Health Surveillance is a measure of effectiveness of your company’s hazard control plan.

Health Surveillance is an on-going process, medical exams are repeated on a multi year basis, and the results analysed for trends. A medwise specialist occupational health physician will review the health surveillance exam results and recommend action for abnormal results.

MedWise on-site health surveillance

Medwise Mobile Medicals was launched in 2014, to provide on-site health surveillance medicals

MedWise Mobile Medicalsa>

MedWise provide competent people to carry out the testing, usually an Occupational Health Nurse

A Medwise specialist occupational health physician will review the medical exam results and recommend follow up action for abnormal results

We will not leave you with a stack of test reports to analyse and interpret. At the end of the on-site testing phase we will deliver test certificates, a tracker file of all employees tested, a summary report that extracts key information from the test data that will support you in verifying if workplace hazards are impacting the health of your workforce.

A Health surveillance program tailored to your needs

Talk to us about what the priority health hazards are in your workplace.

We will develop a health surveillance program that will measure the employees health for these specific hazards

We provide the following health surveillance medical exams from our mobile medical clinic:

  • Screening Audiometry
  • Respiratory health surveillance
  • Vision testing
  • Skin health surveillance
  • Biological Monitoring

Click the Link to to visit our mobile health surveillance website.