Medwise Pre- Employment Medical Service

A flexible pre-employment medical service:

Medwise offers a pre-employment medical service tailored to suit the business needs of your company. The service and costs reflect the job demands of the proposed occupation and the health needs of the candidate employee.

What is the purpose of a pre-employment medical assessment?

Medwise provides a range of OHA led services tailored to suit your business needs.
It ensures that the candidate is fit to perform the proposed work safely
If establishes if restrictions to the proposed work is necessary for health and safety reasons.
It establishes that the candidate is fit to provide reliable and effective service.
It establishes a baseline health status for insurance and legal purposes.
It determines if the employer is obliged to make adjustments to accommodate the health needs of the candidate.

Pre-employment medical assessment options:


A Questionnaire based assessment:

Suitable for low risk occupations e.g. office based workers. The candidate completes a confidential health questionnaire and returns this to Medwise (on line or by post). The questionnaire is assessed by the Occupational Health Physician/nurse who determines if the candidate is fit for work or if additional information, investigations or a medical examination are required.

If necessary, the doctor or nurse will contact the prospective employee by telephone to clarify medical details. A medical examination is only required if significant health issues are identified. The examination may be performed at our clinic or by another doctor who submits their report to Medwise (e.g. in the case of overseas candidates).


Full medical assessment:

Including health questionnaire and clinical examination is required for safety critical work e.g. fire fighters and drivers of HGVs. An examination of eyes, ENT, skin, heart, lungs, musculoskeletal system, abdomen and neurological system is performed by a doctor.


Additional specific investigations

required for those who may be exposed to specific hazards during the course of their work or who are required to meet certain fitness standards. Investigations include:

What about collateral medical evidence from the candidate’s doctor?

If there are significant health issues, the candidate will be given a “doctor to doctor” form for their treating doctor to complete requesting details of diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. Candidates are advised that they are responsible for their doctor’s costs and for arranging submission of the completed form to Medwise.

The outcome of the Pre-employment medical assessment:

Fit for employment:

A certificate of fitness for work is issued to the employer.

Fit but with restrictions or adjustments:

Restrictions or adjustments are necessary for health and safety reasons or to accommodate a disability. It is the employer’s responsibility to determine if these adjustments or restrictions can be reasonably accommodated.



A certificate stating that the candidate is unfit for the proposed post is issued to the employer. The candidate is advised of the reasons behind the decision and the Medwise doctor will liaise with their own doctor if required.

Defer pending further treatment or a doctor’s report:

Completion of the assessment is pending results of investigations or submission of a confidential doctor to doctor report.

Legal and Ethical Issues:

The health questionnaire outlines the purpose of the pre-employment assessment and clarifies consent, GDPR and confidentiality issues. Medical information cannot be released to the employer without the candidate’s written consent. The implications of any health issues for a candidate’s fitness for work can be outlined to the employer without disclosing medical details concerning the nature of any illness. The Medwise doctor will request the candidate’s written consent before communicating with their treating doctor. All health records are filed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Acts. Medwise operates in accordance with the guidelines of Medical Council of Ireland.
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